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There's POOP In My Soup!

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Hey Guys

So a year or so ago I made a game called "There's Poop In My Soup" and released it on steam here:

People really loved it, a little more than I expected them to to be honest :D so I thought it would be freakin awesome to make a multiplayer version of the game so people can poop on/with their friends. I did all these different environments and cool new powerups and mini games. It's kinda turning into mario party with poop!

Wanted to hear what you thought about it and if you guys had any ideas for cool content, there's only so many poop puns one man can come up with! 

How the game works: (It's like angry birds with poop)


The New Levels:


Mini Games:


I had a few ideas for mini games but the ones I thought would be most fun would be:

The Poop off, which is kinda like Splatoon with poop, you basically have to poop on more things than your friends do in order to win. 
Poop On Your Friends would be as the name implies, one person stands on top of the roof and the others run around trying not to get pooped on. Thought it could be cool if they could slip on your poop so its easier to get them.
Mexican standoff would be like 1 2 Switch with poop basically, quickest pooper wins.
And Zombie defense could be fun as a co-op game where you and a friend poop on hordes of zombies.




So far I have a Flaming caravan, an army Jet dropping Poop bombs on zombies (pictured above), and A Pirate Poop Cannon. I also added in a slow motion feature and a way to fly around the scene and see your destruction from multiple angles. Something like this:


I'll try get a build up for you guys asap. But in the meantime would love to hear what you think, do you have any better ideas for the mini games or powerups? What do you guys recommend is the best way to go about building online multiplayer with unity? 



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