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Adventures in Texting - Sign up thread

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It is time for fun.

We will embark on an adventure together, where we all collaboratively work on a text adventure game. The setup is simple: We begin with a minimal "framework" written in the C++ language. Code is then added incrementally according to the following rules.

The Schedule

Access to the repository is opened on Friday, 17-04-21 14:00 UTC.
Access to the repository is closed on Sunday, 17-04-23 14:00 UTC.
You may sign up at any time starting now by posting in this thread or contacting me on Discord. Please give me your github username!

The Rules

  • Language constraints
    • The code you submit must be well-defined and compile and run without causing abnormal program termination (such as segfaults, calls to abort() or exit(), etc.)
    • The program must have the ability to terminate normally after a finite amount of time. Inserting infinite loops is not allowed.
    • Your code must comply with the C++11 standard. You may not use compiler specific extensions, platform specific calls (e.g. winAPI or posix calls) or external dependencies (other than the C/C++ standard library).
    • You may not use preprocessor directives, with the exception of rule 5.
    • You may define constants, e.g. #define PLAYER_STATE 5. More complex macros are not allowed (such as macros that accept arguments).
    • You may not use goto.
    • All code must be contained in a single source file. In other words, you may not create additional source or header files.
  • Submitting code
    • You may modify/insert at most 5 lines at a time. Deleting existing lines is forbidden! You can only insert!
    • The maximum line length allowed is 512 characters (excluding the newline).
    • You may only submit code if the previous submitter is not you, or if 30 minutes have past since the last commit.
    • Code containing illegal information or information that would get you banned from GDNet is forbidden.

If you submit code that violates any of these rules, your access will be suspended for 2+ hours.

The Code

We will synchronise our code using github: https://github.com/gamedev-net/AdventuresInTexting

Sign up in this thread now by submitting to me your github username.

People signed up:

  1. TheComet (TheComet93)
  2. iedoc (cloudis31)
  3. Alpheus (canfucius)
  4. Naz (Ruuubb)
  5. IYP (IYP-Programer-Yeah)
  6. CulDeVu (CulDeVu)
  7. Nitewalkr (Nitewa1kr)
  8. Washu (WashuHakubi)
  9. blueshogun96 (blueshogun96)
  10. Alpheus (canfucius)
  11. MarkyPooch (markypooch)
  12. martin (MartinGrant)

The rules aren't yet set in stone, we can discuss and make changes to them until Friday if necessary.

Edited by TheComet

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Technically, wouldn't replacing a line with ";" count as "modifying"?  Yeah yeah, spirit vs. the letter and all that.

Anyway, I'm in:  SeraphLance

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Over already? This would be more interesting if it was a 3D game. Maybe next time.


I cracked a joke about netcode in the chat and everyone looked like a deer in headlights (for good reason).  I think a text adventure is as good as you can manage with this kind of chaos.

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Someone should do a sort of stream-of-consciousness textual narration of the whole event, start to finish, based on commit logs and chat history. It was actually quite entertaining to watch and to see the organic process of prototyping and refactoring that went on. The small changes rule meant that more complex systems had to evolve incrementally, and to me that actually presents a nice view of incremental refactoring that can be useful to just about anyone.


It was fun to grab the source occasionally and build it as you guys worked on it. 

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Since it's over, I did a few things:
  1. Removed write permissions to collaborators, but PRs could be submitted
  2. TheComet is still setup as an admin for the repo, but that can change as needed
  3. Added a "v48hours" tag to denote the code state after the initial 48 hours of collaboration

I thought this was really cool and hope to see more of it in the future. I also echo JTippetts thoughts on the design evolution, and the LOC constraint was really tough for my own contributions.

We will embark on an adventure together, where we all collaboratively work on a text adventure game. 

Also, thank you to TheComet for organizing and congrats on the reputation bump.


Edited by Khawk

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