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Help with toolchain/DC Load - Flags

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Just need help on using dcload-serial:
I have toolchain and I can even compile the KOS example: "hello.elf"

I compiled DC load but I don't know which are the flags to connect with dreamcast.

I am using USB FTDI to serial converter,  Linux mint OS (not vm) and already know which port Dreamcast is connected to.


Sorry if this topic isn't in the right category.

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Hello. Congratulations on getting your Dreamcast development environment set up. From the README file included with dcload sources, you can upload using the following pattern (after booting your Dreamcast with the burned loader disc):

dc-tool -t [device] -b [baud rate] -x [executable]
linux:  dc-tool -t /dev/usb/tts/0 -b 1500000 -x <sh-executable>
Cygwin: dc-tool -t COM4 -b 500000 -x <sh-executable>

A default device and baud rate would have been compiled-in according to the Makefile.cfg so you could just type dc-tool -x [executable] if the defaults match your system.

The dcemulation programming community is dedicated to Dreamcast development, so you can supplement general programming info here with dc-specific info on their forums at http://dcemulation.org/phpBB/viewforum.php?f=29

All the best.

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