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Brimstone: Intense 3D hack n' slasher

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Brimstone is a 3D hack n' slasher game, where you're stuck in hell and you must face against the endless hordes of hell spawn. Equipped with only your devil katana and your wits, you must survive as long as you can. 


You must control your character through a first person view. Right now there's only an arcade mode, no story yet. Its just to test out gameplay concepts.

I started working on this about August 2017 as a side project for fun, but if people like this I may focus on this and turn it into a full game.

I am planning to release this on Steam once I have more assets(eye candy) and if people actually enjoy this type of genre. I am just looking for feedback for what should be added into this. Thanks!

Gameplay video: 

You can download it for free here: 


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