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Looking For Another Coder for BATTLEPUS!

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3d art is mostly done

soundtrack is entirely done

2d art is mostly done 



I have another coder i just recently got from here which is helping me flesh out my ideas but could use another coder because i don't whip him enough >>

this new coder i am looking for would need to know how to do these things


- Create a procedural voxel , mine-able world with biomes (basically like minecraft)

- Create our water system (make the ships stay in the water, and the water based buildings only placeable near the water

-Create our flying/anti air system



we are using unity

game is profit share


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the Voxel models are exported from qubicle as fbx files then animated in blender 

the terrain is still up in the air depending on the skills of the coders i can find (i am just the artist/musician)

cubiquity looks amazing but i don't think it has pathfinding which makes it so i cant really use it :(

which is a darn shame because the voxel destruction on it is amazing and it was free lol

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