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Phyersoft Still Seeking Out 2nd Coder

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Phyersoft is once again seeking out 1-2 more programmers to assist our main coder with our game, "Barricade" and out in-house engine!





Barricade is a 2D arcade puzzle game that pulls inspiration from classic 16bit titles from the 90's. Such as Puzzle Fighters. Puyo Pop and Tetris Attack! Yet despite this, it still manages to stand alone as its own and still add more to the genre. The game features an addictive gameplay of destroying multiple colored blocks with matching colored bullets. Theres an advanced scoring system that rewards the player's efforts to increase his/her skills by taking risks.

There's a single player arcade/story mode with 2 player drop in. A "complete" fast-paced 2 player VS mode! Which has already been in use for a few local esport events here in my hometown! And a single player survival mode called "marathon". Which starts the player off with just 2 colors but gradually becomes increasingly harder as more colors appear!

The game will be released on Windows, Linux and hopefully MacOSX. It was developed using our own in-house engine, "Phuel". And will support USB gamepads with rumble for up to 2 players! This game will be sold. So the team has agreed to work with a profit-split model.


Barricade is still in alpha. But is still very close to going Beta. Unfortunately, we have lost our assistant programmer who helped out with developing and maintaining the code for input devices and networking. His other role was to create builds for the OSX platform. But he had to cut his time short with the team before he could push out any newer builds with fixes addressing a few major bugs.


We are currently seeking out 1 or 2 programmers who are experienced with using c++, SDL, OpenGL and OpenAL. Those interested should be able to build and maintain ports for the OSX operating system. And be willing to invest at least 7hrs a week to contribute code and render any needed assistance to the main coder. We also ask that the person be very "communicative" and is able to follow instructions given by the lead coder or the project lead.


All information on the team can be found on our website's about page. And updates on Barricade can be found in our social media links at the top of the page!

All applicants can contact me via email at phyerboss at gmail or on Hangouts. And on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you!

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