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Copying Ogre render target texture to holo lens

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I'm doing the following :

Ogre::TexturePtr * ogreTexture = mOgreContentRenderer->getTextures();

pDeviceResources->GetD3DDeviceContext()->CopySubresourceRegion( cameraBackBuffer.Get(), LeftEye, 0, 0, 0, ((Ogre::D3D11Texture*)ogreTexture[LeftEye].get())->GetTex2D(), 0, 0 );

pDeviceResources->GetD3DDeviceContext()->CopySubresourceRegion( cameraBackBuffer.Get(), RightEye, 0, 0, 0, ((Ogre::D3D11Texture*)ogreTexture[RightEye].get())->GetTex2D(), 0, 0 );


But that's pretty slow, I would like to wrap the render texture from ogre and feed it to the backbuffer of HoloLens ? is there a faster way ?



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