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Texture tiling without deformation

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Hi there !

I am trying to achieve a special texture stretching effect in my shader. Here is how I define my uv before sampling my texture, nothing really special.

// uv_ST contains the tiling and offset values
uv.xy = uv.xy * uv_ST.xy +

This gives the standard tiling/stretching and offset behaviour when you tile/stretche a clamped texture as you can see in the image below. First is normal, second is offset and last is stretching.


But I want to avoid the deformation behaviour when stretching, I want to keep margins when stretching my texture or simply cut it in the middle and stretching it. Here is an illustration below.


How could I do that inside my shader when defining my uvs before sampling the texture ?

Thanks a lot !

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If you add a few additional vertices around each dashed line, you can scale them up or down individually by scaling UVs around the centroid of their four surrounding vertices.


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Thanks for your answer, this is very clever but I can't use a solution that involves geometry as I need to be able to change the texture offset along a ribbon mesh while keeping a good stretching.

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