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I need help making a wild west battle royale with a twist

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i had this great idea of a wild west themed fps game mixed kinda with the battle royale category but starts off like hunger games everyone is in a huge circle and when the game starts you have a 10 second grace period to give even the worst players a chance players can go for the mid chests that have good starter stuff as in cloth vests that can shield weaker guns and melee attacks such as fists,knifes, but doesn't protect against rifles and close range pistol attacks as for weapons in the middle chests there are more damaged dull melee weapons such as short knifes and rusty swords and sometimes a rare weapon like a winchester model 1876 with one shot in it as the players scavenge the map for chests containing items that are relevant with the place of the chest such as a Colt Revolver in the police station and a 1910 Mauser carbine or colt 44 bisley in the saloon where the bandits hangout the map will have plenty of places to loot such as Native American tribes village with leather armor head gear bows spears food and medicine along the rough terrain there are mining outposts with metals and tools used to craft weapons armor ammo etc and i was thinking about adding the chance to find a horse but i don't know and every 5 minutes a dust storm moves in on the map until the last survivors are face to face in town square to Duel it out for first place there will be a lot of customization for the guns characters and player profile and a ranked system based on your k.d level and accuracy so new players can learn and more skilled players can have a competitive match and i must add that there will be team playing solo duo trio and gangs is 4 players per team and i wanted a 100 player cap per lobby and the game will start if there is only 50 people after a period of no one joining i need to know what engine is best for this and [deleted by moderator - recruiting is not permitted in the discussion boards] Thanks! (I HAVE MORE IDEAS JUST GOT TIRED OF TYPING ) Edited by Tom Sloper
recruitment wording deleted

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