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Chex Quest HD (UE4) is looking for artists and animators!

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Hello! We are looking for some help to get Chex Quest HD over the finish line. If you're not familiar with the original game, Chex Quest was a non-violent Doom total conversion given away as a cereal box prize in 1996. I am one of the original developers of that game now leading up a small team of volunteers recreating this game in UE4 as a hobby. We have been given legal permission by the trademark owner to create this remake, but have been given no direct funding for development. Here is our recently released teaser trailer: 

We are in most need of 3D environment artists, but also could use some help in character animation (3DS Max) and cinematics creation via Sequencer in Unreal. If you're interested, please message me or send an email to chuck@chucktropolis.com


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