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OpenGL Shadow problem

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Hello. I've got problem shadow mapping. For some reason, the buildings are not casting shadows properly. The red, blue, green lines are positive XYZ axes respectively. White line is direction of the directional light (it's end is at xyz 60,30,60 which is used to construct the view matrix).

This is the effect I am getting

This is, where i think the shadows should also appear (red circles)

That is my scene when instead of using camera view/projection i use light view/projection

Shaders are from this tut:

Why are shadows not complete near the house edges?

On the other hand, when I use projection matrix instead of ortho for the light, i am getting no shadows at all (but rendering the scene from light's point of view gives me nice view of the city)

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My best guess is the bias value in the fragment shader is too large.

Try changing the bias value to 0, to see if that helps. You might get shadow acne instead, but it's just to figure out where the problem comes from.



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