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Searching for team to create an online competitive rts inspired game

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Hi everyone,

I am a 20 years old student from Belgium who has been toying around with programming and some basic modelling for a couple of years now.

For a while now i have been wandering around thinking of creating a game, but most of the time my ideas cant be realised by just one person. This time i want to work with a team, create a game that everyone of the team want and loves to work on. I want to make sure everyone who would want to jump in to this adventure with me knows that this is still just a hobby and if there would ever happen to be a revenue it will be shared. Though it is not the main objective to make a profit, it is the objective to learn, create and most of all make new friends. My vision of the game:

-RTS inspired

-4vs4(or something similar kinda depends on the final game design we will come up with)

-each person has his clan and his positive/negative points though not everyone will be working on the same thing the entire time(explained more deeply if you would decide to join)

-Try to minimize a match time to approximately30 min .

-Start off simple then expand the game, games need time to be build(like a LOT) 

i have written down the game as i see it, this doesnt mean you dont have an input! One of the most important things about game creation that i have learned to appreciate is "love your game". I believe everyone should have input and everyone who will work on it should love the game thats why i want to group up with the people who work on it and try to get everyones idea about it.

Who am i looking to join the team?

If you believe you got something to add to the team then just send me a message or post here at this topic. Got some sort of portfolio laying around? feel free to add it! 


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I'd be wary of starting with an RTS.

I'm doing an RTS, and it's one of the most complex and time consuming ventures, especially a 3D one.

RTS is a type of game that takes years,

You can see our work in my signature, but understand it took us 6-7 years to get to where we are now.

Add on online multiplayer and you got more than a hand full, who will pay for the server networking?

Just saying...

You can PM me if you want to discuss this more, but from my experience, an  RTS is a very long investment.

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Hey, i am long time C++ programmer. Since RTS is my favorite genre I'd like to help aswell. You can PM me for more information

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