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3D character modeler wanted

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In need of a 3d character modeler  to divide an already created and animated mesh and export it back  in .fbx format.  As an example you can check out this free model here.  I will need the model to be divided in the exact manner as this zombie model, such as the imperfections and so forth. These are the meshes the character will be divided into.

Head, left_calf, left_thigh, left_spine, left_spine1, left_foreArm, left_hand, left_pelvis, left_upperArm,

right_calf, right_thigh, right_spine, right_spine1, right_foreArm, right_hand, right_pelvis,  right_upperArm


Feel free to download the free zombie model which is divided up exactly as this on the unity asset store.





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