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Ryan Needham


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A short piece of my wrting:


'What I've ever heard from all the men in luxurious costumes smelled of arrogance. It smelled worse than dark poisonous clouds behind my tiny dirty window. The wealthiest of my creators disguise me and all my kind. They come to our platform on humongous steam powered ships from the other side of the Channel and order around just as if they have the right to claim more though giving little in return.

I'm a freak in their eyes. A grotesque mix of flash, mechanisms, artificial liquids and one stone that is my heart. Clunky yet strong, resilient to all the toxicity they fear so much yet dependent on spare parts they bring – I must be the epitome of what a silent working class member should look like. Why giving me a normal brain then? So that I could slowly lose my mind locked within this labor prison; destined to drill oil till I fall apart?

Our time is never yet to come unless we force it...'

From a diary of a deviant*

Deviant is a steam-punk blue color cyborg created by scientists and alchemists. A deviant is assembled from some human parts of dead criminals, mechanisms and an arcane stone that serves a source of energy. Deviants are used for dirtiest tasks and normally work on oil platforms, mines and chemical labsThey have nearly no civil rights and are treated like talking tools. Some scientists though believe their intelligent is at least not inferior to man's.

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Hi there! Glad to see someone who's not an idea guy.

To be honest, I'd really like to help because I want to gain experience and I want to see a game I contributed in reach the finish line. I'm not extremely experienced, but I'm working on my own game using Unity 3D. All my skills are limited to intermediate, but I learn quick.

My skills include mostly programming (in C# and C++), inanimate object modelling, some basic level design, writing and I'm currently experimenting with music creation (I play the guitar in real life). If you'd like, I can send you the first chapter of the story I'm currently working on so you can see some of my work. Programming wise, I've worked with basic movement, cameras, a basic inventory system and game management.

I'd really like this chance to help someone as a volunteer. Let me know if you are interested! Cheers!


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