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Writing a 3D engine, advice

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Hello everyone.
I would like to learn to develop a 3D engine, with either OpenGL, Vulkan or DirectX.
Please, suggest me a book on the topic, which covers the essentials, such as:
Lighting, shadows, scene management, animations, terrains and special effects (using, if possible, shaders).
I had a look at "Game engine architecture", by Jason Gregory and "3D game engine architecture" by David Heberly, but none of these cover the topic I'm interested in.

Thanks in advance for either.
Bye, Ivano.

Eberly's book is a bit dated, many concepts have changed since 2014. Lunas books are great, if you work slowly he really gives you what you need to learn how to START into 3d, i've gone through his dx9, and dx10 books. After that Practical rendering and computation(by JasonZ, MJP, and JJ here at gamedev) was a great addition to the library, as I had the background to understand the code, and it really helps you understand whats going on under the hood.

Gregory's book is definitely one i would recommend, as it covers a gamut of concepts that are important to deal with, but it's not for the beginner, once you are comfortable with the rendering, it will help flesh out the other areas, like physics, bones, input, etc.

On the subject of physics, both RTCD by Christer and physics for game developers(D.Bourg) are great books, the former as a reference for intersections, and CD, and the second as it walks through the creation of a simple 2d and 3d physics sim.

On AI, Matt Bucklands book is high on my list.

I'd recommend trying out your library first. and don't focus on game programming when buying books. So many are just old, out of date, or... well rehashings of old out of date books. Code Complete, is one that should be read by every programmer. You can spend an awful lot on books, but in the end, those that i've mentioned here have had the biggest impact on my own work.

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