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GDDR5X Vram question!

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I had a discussion with some friends, i believed that GDDR5X and HBM render the 3D scene much faster in games than a normal GDDR5 because of the double prefetch that they do. I was curious if i am right.


Define "much".

You simply can't make a blanket statement such as "GPU A with 5X is always going to be faster than GPU B with 5" because there are so many other variables, not least of which is the type of workload you have (a workload that doesn't stress the memory subsystem is obviously not going to show a large, if any, perf increase from faster memory).

If you're looking to settle an argument with your friends, then you're both right and you're both wrong.  Sometimes higher memory speed is important, sometimes higher clock speed, sometimes more shader units, sometimes more cache, sometimes more bandwidth, sometimes two or more of these, and it all depends on how the workload is tuned.

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