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I want to learn to make mods

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How could made, for example, the nude mod for NieR?

Asking the important questions here.
I said im not good with this language. I spoke about the new mod that was realase a few days where you can nude 2b, not about i want yo make It ;-;

My question was, how can a person make a mod from a new game?


I think we understand you weren't asking how to make a nude 2b mod. It's just that it came off as a bit immature since you were asking about a mod that involves nudity. I am not sure if this breaks the rule on hacking. You should read the FAQ if you haven't already.

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There's no "generic" guide on how to mod a game.

It wildly varies from a game to another and all depends what do you actually mean by "modding".

Something like a texture replacer for a game like Nier implies you "just" have locate the related textures and/or models in the game's files and replace them. Games, even if some try to hide that fact by packing/zipping data files, tend to be using pretty standard formats for data. In most cases the harder part is to determine how the data is packed, and finding/making tools to unpack/repack it once you're done modifying it.

For more complicated stuff, it depends of what's accessible through data files and what the modder can make out of it. It's easier for some games than for others. For instance, you'll have a much easier time replacing textures/models/sounds for a game written with Unity, or any other generic game engine than for a game made from scratch (well, except if it has been designed with modding in mind).

As for the legality of it, it varies. As a general rule, as long as it's for your own enjoyment (aka no redistribution), it's perfectly okay. 

And to answer the question "how can a person make a mod from a new game?" on a more abstract level. People who do that tend to already have a lot of experience in modding games. The more you're used to modding, the easier it gets to identify file types, and structure.

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