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Wanting to do Linux game development.

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Developing on Linux here.


Programming in C or C++ on Linux is much easier than on any other platform. Most of the libraries and programs you will need you can easily install with your package manager:


Edit (more libraries):

* Libraries for window creation (and some more): GLFW, SDL2, Allegro, SFML (C++)

* GLAD: if possible, use GLAD (github / website) instead of GLEW

* 2D Collision: tinyheaders, Chipmunk2D

* 3D Physics: Bullet-physics

* Image/Audio loading: tinyheaders, STB

* Network: http://enet.bespin.org/

* Multithreading: https://github.com/tinycthread/tinycthread

* Database: redis/hiredis

* Git is your best friend

* String/buffer manipulation: https://github.com/antirez/sds


Your compilers is GCC. And, if you want to cross-compile for Windows on Linux, you can use MinGW! Emscripten will let you compile your C code to web, too.


Don't forget about `man` (the command-line tool).


Above that framework layer anything is game logic, which is independent of platform (that's why you don't find many resources Linux-specific).

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Thanks so much, felipefsdev! I actually just purchased a book on C! It's "Sams Teach Yourself C Programming in One Hour a Day". It is apparently C11 compliant. I"m having fun so far. I'll have to check out some SDL or Allegro or something. :)

Anyway those links you gave me are neat, thanks! :D

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LazyFoo tutorials are useful for SDL. Make sure you learn SDL2, he has both 1.2 and 2, tutorials, and the difference isn't always clear, unfortunately.

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