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Hard Core Survival

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Hello, I want to create a rather large game which I am not capable of doing myself. I have a vision of a hard core survival game with a lot of focus on realism but during some apocalyptic event, preferably during the collapse of civilization and not a post apocalyptic game. It would also be fun to have different events during each playthrough.
I will be working in Unity so if you have any experience with unity that is apreachiated but not at all nessecary.

I'm looking for anyone who wants to join, be it a 3D animator or musician or programmer. A project manager is also highly appreciated since it can be hard to keep track of everything alone, this requires no actuall programming experience or such but rather someone who is good at planning.

The game idea is open for some suggestions but will be constricted to an open world survival game, if you have some specific scenario you wish to have in the game (Zombies, alien invasion etc) we should be able to work that in :)

If anyone is interested in this please message me, the more the merrier :)

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