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Project Recursive

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Project Recursive


Project Recursive is a puzzle platformer game wich you control a character with the ability to travel between dimensions and alternate realities within the same game, making different choices and interacting differently with the map to pass through puzzles.
The game is still in development, but recently i have finished some playable prototype so you can test and see if you would like to support the game!
You can download the playable prototype on the project's official site.

Game basics:

On the prototype you can interact with the main game mechanic, wich is accessing those computers to travel between layers:
Wich creates another window who shows the exact same level again, but restarted:
But before that, at the first level you are introduced to some items that makes the puzzle more challenging to pass, the first one being the bomb, wich are used to break rocks that block your way:
After that you are blocked by a locked door, wich needs a key to unlock:
Keys only open specific doors, as you can see on the image above, the door has a "0" on top of it, thats its ID, you need a key with that specific ID to open it.
After you get a get, its ID will be shown at the left:
One-way doors let you pass through them, but without coming back
Boxes can only exist in one layer simultaneously, so if you travel between layers, the box will only be in one at time:
1st layer:
2nd layer:
Switches turn acids on and off, remember that if you touch acid, you die and restart the level:
Acids also kill enemies

And last, signs can give you tips about the level.



The game has controller support, and you can also configure its buttons at the Main Menu screen, selecting "Input configuration"

The keyboard basic controls are:

Arrows to move your character
Spacebar to jump
Z to grab items
hold X to aim item to throw
release X to throw them
ENTER to select options on menus
ESC to pause

If you really enjoy the game, please support us! Send opinions and share to your friends! The developing process will take account user suggestions to make the game the most confortable for every one!
If you have any question about the game, you can post it here and i will make the possible to answer it!​


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