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Needed: Pro-Grade Modders & Admins for Survival Server

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Hello there! My name is Wilkes (Helstrain in the gaming community) - and I am looking for a few enthusiastic individuals to help bring a new server to life!

I am running a server under a themed name for the survival game, Conan Exiles. This is a hobbyist project to the core - but I would like to find people that approach things with a professional state of mind, and have the drive and passion to get things done!

A couple things that NEED TO BE UNDERSTOOD straight away:

  • Funcom has provided players the tools to run their own servers (much like ARK, or for veterans - Neverwinter Nights), this is what I am doing
  • I DID NOT develop this game, I AM NOT associated with any developers or companies that created the game or the intellectual property associated with it.
  • This is an UNPAID, managed, long-term content creation project for a persistent world

Right now, I manage the server and tweak/test features in order to achieve our creative goals in terms of fun factor and gameplay. We have played on many different servers - seen them rise and fall, and figured we could do things better. So here we are!

Our main focus is providing players with a fun, immersive, and active community that continually adds fresh content. We approach things with a professional state-of-mind for the simple reason that almost no other servers do - which is going to separate us (this is a good thing) from other game servers in a VERY big way. Right now, the server is considered to be in a beta state until Conan Exiles is officially moved from early access status to release status (Q4 2017).

Sound interesting? Current open positions are listed below:

Server Administrators (4 positions)

  • Must have 1+ years experience managing a private game server, with VIABLE references
  • Must be able to work efficiently in both an individual and team-oriented environment
  • Possess great communication skills
  • Have the ability to access the server remotely through a mobile device if needed
  • Is goal-oriented, professionally driven, and has a passion for games and gaming communities
  • Has working voice chat access via designated application
  • Must own a copy of the Conan Exiles video game for PC 

Modification Creators (4 positions)

  • Must have successfully developed and released 5+ mods for any game or games within the last few years with references (modern/next-gen games preferred)
  • 1+ years experience using the Unreal 4 game engine (a free devkit is provided by the development team for modding purposes)
  • Experience modding in Conan Exiles preferred
  • Able to work comfortably within deadline expectations in an efficient manner (updating mods for patches, planned content, etc)
  • Possess great communication skills and is professionally driven
  • Works well both individually, and within a team-oriented environment
  • Possess great creative problem solving skills
  • Has working voice chat access via designated application
  • Must own a copy of the Conan Exiles video game for PC and the associated devkit (free download)

Please provide a resumé when applying! 

For more information or to apply, contact me here via PM, or through my e-mail: HelstrainGaming@Gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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