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Check out Conquery - My Ludum Dare Jam submission!

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Hey, guys! Check out my game, Conquery at https://conquery.k.vu

It can run on any good desktop browser. So, if you some free time and a desktop browser handy, do check it out.

Conquery is a 2d top-down adventure game. I made in this time's Ludum Dare. You have to capture all planets to win. But, enemies are patrolling in the space and you don't have weapons. So, you'll have to bring the enemies near captured planets and let the planets kill them.

Currently there's just one level which too, isn't good. But, I plan to add more levels. I want to know from you guys whether the game mechanics are good. Please give me feedback. What can I improve? Are the core mechanics fun? Your feedback is very valuable and would be appreciated a lot.


BTW, here's how my game looks (placeholder graphics, I know I need to improve them):


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