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Hardcore Open World Sandbox

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Hey guys on May 5th 2017 Darkfall Rise of Agon a game I love and have player for 3 years in Relaunching after being bought out by Big Picture Games a small development team of Ex - Darkfall players. Now Darkfall isn't for everyone, The graphics are dated and if your a gamer who prefers the normal "Heres a task finish it then get a reward, rinse and repeat" then ill save you some time by advising you to look away now.
However if you are like me a gamer who wants to play a MMORPG where your in game decision are what effects the environment then this may be for you. Darkfall is a sandbox open world full loot PvP game which is driven entirely by player interaction. You chose how to play for some that's mastering the PvP combat which requires you to aim your arrow, spell or swing, others choose to crafter armours, weapons, ships, even build cities, house and mounts. If politics is your thing you can directly impact the geopolitical aspect of the game world through clans, alliances, territory and City Conquest. The world really is your oyster.
As I said in the beginning Darkfall isn't for everyone. It is a harsh, hard-core game with a dated graphic style but if you are a player which wants sandbox freedom in a fantasy setting coupled with the most adrenaline pumping skill based PvP that Full loot PvP games offer then I wouldn't want you to miss out on what for me has been the MMORPG that killed all other multiplayer games.
Darkfall Rise of Agon
Player Made Video - Clan Vs Clan
Player Made Video - Alliance Vs Alliance

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