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Minotaur: a point&click adventure with visual novel-style narrative [Kickstarter] [Demo]

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Hi everyone! We're developing a point and click adventure/puzzle game with visual novel-style narrative. It's like Zero Escape series meeting LucasArts classics.
Here's our Kickstarter trailer, it's a nice summary of game features:
If Americana murder ballads are not your thing, we also have a GIF with clumsy Shakespeare reference:Nutshell-brighter-3-s.gif
Minotaur tells the story of several residents trapped in their apartment building — not by accident, of course. 
It's centered around two themes: wonderful state of obsession and definition of consciousness.
Here's how the game looks like at the moment:
Minotaur has a fully playable one hour long demo. You can download it from:
We hope you give it a go... Do it for great voice over if nothing else! It would be great to hear your feedback. We'd also appreciate it if you'd check out our Kickstarter page :rolleyes: (we're at 65% at the moment of posting this):
Let us know if you have any questions about the game! And thanks for reading  :D
PS: here's a cool video of Adam, our leading artist extraordinaire, modelling a scene for Minotaur from scratch (and the end result with animations):

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