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Question: 2D Car Physics Tutorial

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Dear community,@[member='bzroom']

I have followed a 2D Car Physics Tutorial posted a long time ago to thewebsite: https://www.gamedev.net/topic/470497-2d-car-pyhsics-tutorial

The tutorial is great to use when building a racegame. I am new to C# and haven't done much with pyshics in the past years, hence this topic.


During the tutorial bzroom explains the calculations with references to newton laws. I need to display the speed of the vehicle on the screen using a label. I am in doubt which value I need to return and then write to a label. My gut is telling me that I need to use PointVel(Vector worldOffset) in order to get the velocity/speed of the vehicle. 


I am not sure about this and hope that someone could confirm this and maybe even tell me how to link it to label.


Kind regards,


Ahmed Ali

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