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Hi I'm the owner of a very small team (only 5 people in it) that is looking to expand and create a serious fantasy Mmorpg

This is the link to the Facebook page for the team
We are currently looking for the following

- 1 programmers
- 2 youtubers
- 10 beta testers
- 10 alpha testers

I'm not looking for experts all u need to know are the basics of the position u chose. We also would like it if u would be able to spend at least 15 hours a week working on the game but if u can't that's fine but if u can spend more that would be grately appreciate. We would also like it if u didn't reveal any of the progress of the game to anyone until we release the trailer.
I'm an average programmer so u don't have to be an expert to join.
Currently we have the following in the team

- 3 programmers ( 2 are owners of the group )
- 1 sound and music editor ( who is also the co owner )
- 2 3D modelling expert
- 1 artist

So anyway here is a bit about the game
It's a semi realistic open world survival fantasy mmorpg with 10 classes to chose from and over 50 mobs and 5 bosses
There is also a guild mechanic and levelling/skill system. There will also be over 70 different swords and weapons and 20 different skills
Including fire, ice, sneak, speed, wind and meany more

If ur interested please pm me or pm me on Skype (Tickle Pro13) or pm me on Facebook

Kind regards lochlan Tallowin owner of Elite Games Studios

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