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Diamonds v2.0 - PVP, CASH, REALTIME!

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Diamonds is a Web-Based Crypto-Currency! With good DEV SUPPORT, there is a PVP Web Mining Game, Chat (WITH COPYRIGHTS), SELL IMAGES YOU FIND ON THE WEB, FOR DIAMONDS!

There is an opportunity to sell Diamonds, and keep 50% of the Profit, with the Affiliate Program!

Check it out! V2.0 ALPHA LIVE AT: http://naekowatson.com

I programmed this game in PHP/HTML/CSS! I have been working on my INDIE GAMES for years, and messing around with Crypto-Currency. This game is my latest creation, and I put it live on the web, YESTERDAY! Get trading and selling images you find on the web, all you need is a URL to the image, and people will buy them for their CRC HASHED PROFILES.

The Blocks are for mining, you can collect by clicking twice slowely, and you will see your avatar (once you have submitted it) on the board. People can claim your spots, so to really score, you must mine a lot. Each time a block you are mining is loaded on another player's screen, you earn up to 1000 Diamonds. v1.0 has extra features you can check out on your own. Cheers!

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