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Gsthering a team to develop a game

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Yes, there is a typo in the subject  :wink:

I got a few game concepts ready on paper:

- an RPG with unique game mechanics and lore
- a MOBA with economic elements
- a dark steam-punk tactical RPG with strategic elements.


What do I want:

- make one of those games above to publish it on Steam

- make sure the game gives a unique playing experience

- make sure I have a reliable team to develop the other two games to repeat the previous two steps

Who I need:
- 2 programmers who know the same language; preferably C++
- one concept designer
- 2 3-D designers
- a composer

What I will do:
- project management
- writing
- balancing
- all the other things that are not covered by coding, 3D modeling and writing music. I can develop anything from wepons and tech trees to characters. All I need is a number of experienced guys who can code and visualuze it.

Who I don't need:
- guys who just want to look around and leave in a week saying no word

- those who enjoy making game clones

- those who got 20 mintes per week to do the job

- those who who don't believe they can really make something kick-ass


No initial payment; only rev-share.



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hi , if you into RPG MMO , I created an engine suitable for 2D game ,

example : 

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Your project seems interesting, and I would like to contribute. Before that though, do you have any solid organizational work (like a GDD) we could take a look at? A lot of people here start all enthusiastic about overarching game ideas but serve only as the 'idea guy' in the end.

- Programming of basic systems (movement, camera, inventory, game manager, etc.) in Unity 3D (using C#)

- Very basic knowledge of C++

- Inanimate object modeling

- Storywriting

- Team player

- Ferocious problem solver


If you are interested, PM me with some material from your game and I'd be glad to join in!

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I can compose music. I can also help with game design / level design, in which I have some previous experience. I am very interested in combining music with game design.

I am taking lessons on composing music and do most of my work on paper, and the audio I am able to deliver is limited to chiptune and perhaps some recordings of folkish music suitable for fantasy worlds.

If you are just looking for ambient or atmospheric orchestral sounds or the like, I am probably not the one you are looking for.

I compose many different styles, varying from contemporary to baroque to progressive rock.

You can check my soundcloud


Tell me if you are interested or not. If you have any material, I would love to take a look.

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Im a self-taught intermediate C++ programmer, with a few unfinished projects in form of 2D games under my belt.

Most of my experience revolves around the SFML library, C++, recently OOP, with my largest project having a pretty well developed AI with sense of hearing, pathfinding, and ability to hunt down and search for the player, can give more info if you'd like.

Despite still learning i'd like to collaborate with someone on a project in my spare time, if you want, shoot me a PM or add me on Steam with more information.

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