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The Fallen World Survival Horror RPG

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The Fallen World is a stealth based survival horror game set in a city where pain is god and life itself is only a means to suffering. Players take control of a survivor, people who scavenge the city for food, water, and a safe place to sleep at night. Only those with enough tools to barter for a nights protection will find rest from the frothing nightmares of the city streets. The game features an open world, in game decisions which directly drive the narrative, and eldritch horrors.

Discounted copies of the game as well as art books, soundtracks and tailor made demon hunting leathers can be obtained through this crowdfunding effort. Right now discounted copies are available for early backers. DarkSpace Games is seeking 14k to fund development. Backers will receive early access to dev builds of the game and influence the design in real time during development. Please visit kickstarter.fallenworldgame.com for updates or any questions you might have. Check out the project page at https://darkspace.itch.io/the-fallen-world

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