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Mysteries of Genesis Recruiting

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Hi all!
We are a team building a MMORPG with AAA Graphics.
Also we are using c++, lua and other languages for the game, other programs and scripting (game engine: unreal engine)
Its an indie project, so everyone will be paid after crowd funding!
So for now we need more members!
For more info:
Reply Here, Pm Me, E-mail me at: alextitonis@gmail.com

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Hello !

It would help to have a little more information, if I can give you a small advice :)

What kind of universe/story is the MMO intended to be built around ? What are its perks gameplay-wise, what are the specifics that makes it any different from the gigabazilllions of MMOs out there ? Why would I, a random player, care enough about it to give it a try ? (The corollary to this question being : what could, in your project, make a random content creator interested enough to work with you ?)

What's your current team like ? Do you have experience in making games in general and MMOs in particular ? 

What kind of positions are you looking for ? What kind of positions are filled ? 


Since a triple A graphics MMORPG is a very ambitious project to carry on, I feel like organizing and targeting your recruitment better may help you net better fishes :p

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its happening at the mediaval era.

Players can choose between races and classes.

Players then can create guilds and finally build their own town. Ofc there are some ready towns, that are for the NPC, but guilds can build their own, so its an openworld


Well about composers, unfortunately we are full.

We need:

1-3 Programmers

1-2 3D Modelers

1 Animator

1-2 Concept Artists

1-2 Website Developers

1 Script Writer

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