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ARR-MAGEDON is out for a 1$ challenge

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Hey guys!

I made a pretty fun game called "ARR-MAGEDON" for 1$ challenge. Basically, the rules of the challenge are to make a game and earn 1$ off it in just 2 weeks. I managed to create the game that I'm really proud of, I learned a lot during development time and I recommend to also try it yourself :). Unfortunately, I got only 2 days left to earn this 1$ :P. Here's something about the game:




"ARR-MAGEDON" is extremely fun and fast-paced pirate arcade game in which you are the pirate caught in the middle of the sea hell!

  • Avoid the cannonballs and fire, survive huge firestorms and panic attacks of your crew!
  • Collect gold and buy items from wizard merchant to survive longer.
  • Pick up multipliers to increase your score and show those pesky crusaders what do you think about them.

Help me win 1$ challenge: https://szczebel1995.itch.io/arr-magedon





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