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Project Apellium needs your help!

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Hello, everyone! We are Omniffable, a very small and new indie video game publishing company. It all started with a phenomenal idea for a text-based open world RPG: Apellium, however, the concept is based on a really “weird” fictional world that we thought most (NOT ALL!) people probably wouldn’t understand. We didn’t want to turn one-half of the game into an introduction, so we came up with another title: Project Apellium, a simple interactive fiction game with an amazing story that serves as an introduction and prequel to our planned open world RPG.

Project Apellium is centered around a young and creative “genius” who was gifted by a “superior force” and his journey to what he calls “the most amazing world ever created”. His science and fantasy covered adventure is filled with mystery, action, violence, romance and drama.

We are going to release Project Apellium this month (May) with ~1 hour read time per story line planning to reach at least 2 hours with the upcoming updates. In the case that this title (which is going to be our first one) will see a little success, we would be more than happy to develop and publish its open world sequel.

You can follow us and our project’s progress on Facebook and Twitter under @Omniffable and on Instagram under @Omniffable_.

We would like to ask all of you to spread the word and to share this post because you would not just help a small team to make a step forwards to their dream, but you would also help bring moments of enjoyment to people that are looking for an amazing story. We have that story and we can only tell it with your help. Let’s make this your “good action” for the day!

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