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Unstoppable: Sea Assault - A New Rogue-like Shoot'em Up for Mobile

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Unstoppable: Sea Assault

"The endless Shoot ‘em Up gameplay of Shooty Skies, with modern warfareof Call of Duty, set for the first time in the Sea."​

Beta Release Trailer

Download Beta


  • Endless Shoot ‘em up
  • Realistic, unique & smart enemies
  • Rogue-like: procedural run, permadeath etc.
  • Ranking and progression system
  • Easy to play, hard to master
  • Original soundtrack

Description: Take command at the helm of a Navy ship, tackling endless waves of enemies, as one of The Unstoppable Elites, Navy’s legendary solo missions specialists.

‘Unstoppable: Sea Assault’ combines the classic Shoot ‘em up genre with Rogue-like elements like random level generation, character progression and permadeath.

Gameplay: Player’s objective is to kill and survive against endless hordes of enemies, while constantly upgrading the ship with in-game pickups.

The ship can be equipped with numerous variations of Main Gun, Secondary Gun and special Abilities. The synergy between weapons and abilities is critical to tackling difficult enemies and bosses

Project Status: Public Beta released on Google Play Store. Game release in May 2017



Genre: Action, Arcade, Shoot 'em Up
Target Platforms: Android, iOS
Release: May 2017
No. of Players: Single
Developer: http://www.threye.com/seaassault.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/threye
Twitter: @UnstoppableSA

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Although it's not purely roguelike dungeon crawler; we have roguelike features like

  • Every run is procedural and unique
  • There is permadeath, when you die you will have to start all over again
  • You improve your character in a run by picking items like guns, side guns and special abilities

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More of a hardcore top down run and gun game.  Not really rogue like.  Least to me.  Lost me when I seen the game play images.  Not everything is rogue like, it's actually sorta specific.  But you can try whatever you want.  I just lost total interest after seeing the pics though.  Best of luck.

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