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Wicked Engine

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Hello people!

I was lurking here for a long time without ever really starting a conversation with the community. Maybe some people have seen me on on which I am more frequent visitor. Anyway, I just had an idea to promote my work here, a game engine which I have been coding in C++ in my free time.

It started as a little 2D fighting game but has grown into a 3D renderer with physically based shading model, realtime global illumination, physics simulation with bullet physics, runtime lua scripting. It can do forward, deferred and tiled forward (also known as forward+) rendering. It supports Windows and UWP platforms currently. It just recently got an editor made with its internal custom gui, but Blender can also be used as the editor, which still has more features. Common model formats are not supported right now, because nearly everything was designed from the ground up, yes, I kind of like reinventing the wheel. :)

The whole engine is completely open source and available on GitHub. I am working on it alone, but I would welcome contributors altough I don't have much experience with the team based workflow on github yet. I am also all about getting the repository starred more. :D

I am also posting videos about it on YouTube on each big new feature. Check out the voxel based global illumination demo for example, or a presentation about optimizing performance of Forward+ rendering.

All right that's it, I don't know if anyone will read it, but thank you if you got here. :) here is my promo pic:


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