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Tri-Line Force: F2P Online CCG!

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{Tri-Line Force} is a free-to-play virtual "CCG.". With the endless creature abilities and the limited amount of moves a player can make in a turn, {Tri-Line Force} will require patience and strategic skill. In order to win a duel, a player must get three of their own cards to line up either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Another form of victory is to make your opponent run out of cards otherwise known as "milling the deck" or "deck out."



CREATURE - Each creature has a stat on each side to determine the respective sides strength.

POWER - There are 4 types of power cards;

  • Standard - A regular power card.
  • Equipment - A power card that attaches to a creature when activated.
  • Counter- A power card that can be activated on your opponents turn.
  • Persistent - A power card that stays on the field when activated.

LEGENDARY - Legendary cards typically have very powerful abilities and can be either a creature or a power.

2mzwmev.png {Card images are mockups. Card effects are not}



DRAW PHASE - Player draws one card for their turn.

ACTION PHASE - Player can summon 1 creature and/or activate 1 power per turn. (creature abilities are limitless.)

PASS PHASE - Player turn ends and passes to their opponent.





The game is played on a 3x3 board.

Decks consist of no more and no less than 40 cards.

At the start of the duel each player draws 5 cards.

A player can have no more than 5 cards in their hand at pass phase.

When a creature is placed adjacent to an opponents creature with a smaller number on the same side, the opponents creature is destroyed.

When a creature is placed adjacent to an opponents creature with a larger number on the same side, nothing happens to either creature.

Only one creature can be played per turn NO EXCEPTIONS. I.E You cannot summon a creature and then activate a power or ability that allows you to summon another creature.

Counter Cards can be activated on your opponents turn as long as it does not violate the cards played per turn limit.


ask away.



We would LOVE it if you guys would join in and create a card of your own.

Just tell me the type of card you want to make (Creature or Power).

and the ability you want it to have.

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I don't believe this topic should be in the "Your Announcements" section, but the moderator insisted that it did because how it's formatted. I asked him what I should change so it could go into the game design section so I could get proper feedback from you guys and he said he's "not going to teach me how to do that."

Anyway. We have want to have 500 cards available to the players on release day. We have only 35 left to design before we move on to playtesting them. If you guys have any input, whether it be about the game design or card design or anything, it'd be greatly appreciated.

We all grew up playing card games and I thought it'd be awesome to create a game that's like everything we loved playing while still being different.

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We've finally finished designing 500 cards (and some) so now we're moving on to printing them out to test play their effects to make sure they're not too OP or anything. We also still need to figure out the design layout, but that'll come later. Progress is coming along nicely though. Soon we'll need an artist to bang out some original artwork for the cards so if anyone would be interested in that let me know!

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