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Open world google earth driving sim

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I've been working on an idea for an online open world driving / racing, sim / game based on Google Earth, or more accurately a base engine for modders to build upon. Just wondering if anyone else thinks it could be a good idea and would know where to start. I'm not much of a programmer, I've played with C++, and Python for the last couple of years, but keep hitting walls, more with the software than the languages.
Although not so good with the base languages I am very good at textures and physics and logical ways of making things work, plenty of experience modding.

The basic idea is to make an editor and game based on an autogen area overlay for Google Earth with a pick and place layer on top of that for individual statics. Googles terrain data will provide a base model of the entire planet (roads, race tracks and anything else) that any modder can pick a spot and start to layer autogen and build up detail layer by layer. A library of statics / models that any modder can contribute to and also pick from to place in the world. Any player can pick any spot on the planet and drive.
Most importantly it has to be open so that anyone can add anything to it, vehicles, locations, scenery, game modes anything they can imagine.
It would of course start of simple but would over time get more and more detailed (Or everyone would get bored with it and it would die).

Anyway I'd appreciate any thoughts, advice of where to start etc.
Thank you.

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