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Project Building executable directory permissions.

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Well I don't know if this has changed. It is a very important topic if you are not looking at your projects carefully. I need absolute control of a /bin directory to give 777 permissions on Windows 10 Home with VS2015 Community. I had the command internally documented and now cannot referecne this on the net.


Can anyone just give me the Developer's prompt one that sets the current build users permission to allow to write for all to the selected directory. In my case /bin.


Any help would be greatly appreciated-


-- Install configuration: "Debug"
2>  CMake Error at cmake_install.cmake:31 (file):
2>    file cannot create directory: C:/Program Files (x86)/GameEngine/bin.  Maybe
2>    need administrative privileges.




Chris Russo

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Program Files always needs admin privileges. Do not ever modify the rights in that folder, nothing good comes from this.

If this is for a setup, you need to add a proper manifest with RequireAdminPrivileges to the setup executable.
If this is not for a setup, it's wrong. Program Files should be treated as read only once the program is installed.

If you need to to save dynamic data, use the intended places like the users app data folder.

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