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Royalty Free Music for Your Projects / Custom Music available!

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My name is Holly, I'm the music composer for Skittlegirl Sound.  I've been working on multiple game projects! (Here’s the list of works we’ve done for projects in the past.)

We launched a Royalty-Free Music Shop a few months ago, and now we have over 100 tracks of different styles! Any track you purchase can be used in an unlimited number of projects-- even commercially.  Please check out!
Recently Added :
[Full Tracks]
Space Station - Fun, light and futuristic music track.
Ascendant - Beautiful and somewhat nostalgic track.
[Short Loop]
Industrial 2 - Mechanical and synthetic, somewhat ominous short loop.
[Audio Logo]
Water Drop - A jingle with sparkles and sound of water drop.
Also, we're currently open for commissioned work, too!  If you're looking for custom music for your project, please feel free to contact us via this contact form!
Thanks for checking!  Looking forward to working with you!

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Just finished working on some projects and we're now open for commissioned work!  

If you're looking for music for your project, please feel free to contact us!

Also, some tracks added to our Royalty-Free Music Shop recently :
[Full Tracks]
Find Clues - Mellow but dynamic music which would be a good fit for scenes like “Thinking”, "solving" or "searching".
Pastorale - Calm and dreamy piano solo tune.
Fountain Of Life - Beautiful & relaxing hybrid tune! 
[Short Loop]
Black Dust - Short, gritty techno loop. Good for menu/title screen for games and Movie BGM.
Glacial Corridor - Icy and mysterious short loop. 
Thanks for checking!  Looking forward to hearing from you!
Holly @ Skittlegirl Sound

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Hi guys,

We're happy to announce that we recently published "Retro RPG Music" collection available at Unity Asset Store! 

"Retro RPG Music" series is a collection of royalty-free music in 8bit / chiptune sounds for your RPG and Adventure game projects. 

Retro RPG Music Vol.1 Town Music includes 6 town & village music, plus 1 "Sleeping at Inn" jingle.

Retro RPG Music Vol.2 Around The World includes 7 music tracks for overworld/map, field and transportation.

Retro RPG Music Vol.3 Battles includes 3 intense battle music tracks and 2 battle-related jingles.

Retro RPG Music Vol.4 Dungeons and Caves includes various music tracks for dungeons and caves.

Retro RPG Music Vol.5 Events! includes 7 event music and 2 in-game jingles.

More music available at our Royalty-Free Music Shop!

Recently Added:
[Full Tracks]
Urgent Escape : Intense fast paced track with alarm-like sounds. Good for emergency and urgent situation.
Phantom Pressure : Scary, creepy, and terrifying atmosphere with a sound of wall clock.  Good BGM for Suspense and Horror.
Observation : Calm and positive background music.
Monochrome Confession : Calm, melancholic and somewhat eerie piano music.

[Audio Logo]
Synth 02 : Audio Logo / Jingle / Intro music with synthetic sound. Also good for Result screen of game projects.

We're also available for commissioned work, too. If you're looking for custom music for your project, please feel free to contact us! 

Thanks for checking!

Holly @ Skittlegirl Sound

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