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Offering Free Piracy Scans for my fellow Indies

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Hi everyone,

I'm an indie developer, and my main product is a fireworks simulation game ( http://www.FWsim.com ).

In 2013 and 2014, I lost a lot of sales to pirates. Every new wave of piracy led to immediate drops in sales. So I developed a tool to combat it - fully automated. As a consequence, my revenue increased by 20% :)

I want to learn more about how piracy hurts indie game developers and how valuable my service is to them.
I'm offering a free scan to everyone here at the forums. This is a free offer, no-strings-attached.

It works like this:
1. You send me the title of your game(s).
2. You receive a complete list with links to the stolen files.
3. You will also get step by step instructions on how to remove the files from the internet.
4. This alone can result in more sales.

Send me a personal message or write to lukas _at_ fwsim.com, and I'll run the scan for you!

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