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Calling All High-End First Person Shooter Devs

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I had this great idea for a game and it's probably going to be an ambitious project. I just have one problem: I can't game develop myself. I am a  graphic designer to an extent and can program HTML/CSS/Javascript but I cannot use 3D game-creating languages or tools such as unreal engine or autodesk stingray. So I need some top-notch 3D FPS game devs to help me out here. I'd like to call this project Project Atomrift. So the concept of atomrift is a first-person futuristically-themed FPS where you can selectively choose and change your matter form from solid to liquid to gas. I won't be giving more info about this because I wouldn't like someone to steal this idea and then copyright or something like that, so if you want to know more, message me on skype at thecodinghoodie or discord at Ozvolt#1844. I'm not completely useless because I can design textures to an extent. Also, I might need some texture creators to help out with me. Here's the people I need:

-5 Game Engine/Programming Devs

-5 Texture Creators (I can help with these)

-5 Character Modelers/Animators

-1 Concept Artist (maybe a little help would do from me)

-2 Logo/GUI Designers (I can help with these)


Thanks for stopping by pal, and please message me because I want this to become reality.

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