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Triple X Tycoon - Adult Industry Strategy

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A long time ago I began working on my own kind of tycoon game. One that would be inspired by hard classics like the Capitalism series by Enlight Software as I love depth in the simulation. I also craved the simplicity of Lemonade Stand, the humor in Rollercoaster Tycoon and Theme Hospital. The process has been well documented over the years as we've strive to bring you the manifestation of years of toiling in the most unsexy of conditions. 

Joy-Toilet and Outhouz presents...



And we weren't kidding about the "simulator" part, at first. 

So what's it about?

Triple X Tycoon is a strategy-simulation game in which the player will get to experience the highs and lows of the adult entertainment industry from behind the scenes. The game features random events that may effect the growth of your studio or hinder performers. Volatile consumer trends are the norm. Extravagant award shows are commonplace, even performers come and go as time pushes on in an industry that makes big money on erotic indulgence! 

And we have no idea how RPS feels about nudity although we tend to bare it all on the regular. It simply costs more to put clothes or black boxes on em'. But for the sake of courtesy..



"Another day in paradise"

Start a Business, Build an Empire!

You can pretend we weren't born this way but we won't. Born a capitalist I mean. They say money is frozen desire and if that's true we might be on to something. Steer your company through the eras. Sabotage your competitors! But watch your own back. Be smart and you'll have talent knocking down your door for a chance in the spotlight you created. Only the best adapt in this industry. From rags to riches. From VHS to VR, how far will you go?



Nuff' said.

Would you like to know more?

Feel free to hop on over to for those extra juicy details. If you'd prefer to cuss us out just direct your filthy mouth to the ad we will get back to you A$AP. If you already know who we are, badass, we have a Discord chat so come say hi. The lone dev we keep chained to his desk (in his room, in the basement) wants to thank you personally.

And finally, if you're still interested we can point you to Steam where the game is set to be released next month because we're so broke we can't afford an Arizona tea party let alone continue development, we'll love you forever. And ever, and...


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