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Automatic 3d model detail simplify?

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I want to speedup my game and neccessary step is to switch several models of different detail dependent on entity distance from you and current resolution. So now there is a boring task waiting for me - to make a low-poly equivalents of all 3d models I use.

But I was thinking like this - why to do this shit manually? It would be much better if there would exist a function that would do various levels of model detail for you, and you would just pass the highest detail one in. And because the rule is "if you have an idea, somebody have already done that 5 years before", I wonder if there isnt something like this already done.

The approach would be to determine model borders xyz, then convert it into voxel (I already have this written from before), and then somehow interpolate it (I dont know how, but I know that some guys from Nvidia have written paper about it in 2k9 so its possible) and convert it back to triangles.

But the already existing program would be best solution. Anyone knows?

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