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Do I have a use case of a Navigation Mesh Manager?

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I know if I open up a mesh, the navigation mesh will be either generated or loaded from file with the asset.

But in some uncommon cases, like I sometimes attach a navigation mesh with a truck, and that

they will be instanced out, I want to treat them as separate entities and they only differ in their transformations.

Then when I open up the truck mesh, I would call the navigation mesh manager and if they already exist,

I don't load them up anymore, do I have a case?


Another question is the interface is going to be weird, because


would not supply any arguments,

but I need to give it the object geometry, the cell size,  cell height etc,

I am thinking about using some interfaces and they must be called before retrieving the navmesh

class NavigationMeshMgr
    NavigationMeshMgr() { m_fCellSize = 0; ... }
    void setCellSize(float fCellSize) { m_fCellSize = fCellSize; }
NavMesh* NavigationMeshMgr::getMesh(const std::string& l_name)
     if (m_fCellSize == 0) return;
     // get the mesh 

Note that When I have multiple navmeshes, how do I test the parameters, each set will have different ones.

This only fits one cellsize for all navmeshes....

Is it useful and worth the effort to do these things?



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