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(Commission Pay) The Experiment Horror Game LFP

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Hello, My name is Jesse and i am the leader of Blackhawk Productions. We are currently working on a semi big project called The Experiment. The Experiment is a psychological first person horror game that incorporates fears people have day to day. Now one thing that sets this apart from every other horror game is that it doesn't just play with one fear it plays with multiple with many themes of horror. Its not like every other horror game where you either get chased from a crazy person or are wondering in an abandoned house with 1 theme of horror you need to run from. The Experiment incorporates 9 to 10 different themed horror scenarios. We are planning on splitting the revenue from the game.

Who We Need: 2 Programmers: Must be able to code c++ with UE4 and must be able to code things such as AI, Pickup System, Inventory, Interactive objects and more. 2 3D modelers: Must be able to model our enemy characters and props. Must be able to texture and rig as well. Some of the props include gory stuff the gorier you can do the better things like severed head, arms, guts, pig bodies with guts hanging out overall brutal looking stuff. 2 Animators: Must be able to create good animations withing the UE4 engine you will create stuff like animations for the enemy, doors, first person hands etc. You will also need to be able to do cinematics in the engine as well. Writer: We need a writer to write the story we have one that has started but need someone else to help write the story, make scripts etc. Voice actors: We need voice actors we need 1 girl voice actor thats younger like maybe 14 or 15 and we also need someone that can play a creepy clown must be able to do a creepy clown laugh. We need more for other stuff as well.

To join simply join our discord group'> once you are in you will be placed in a waiting room we want you to tell us what you are applying for and we will ask some questions and go from there. We are starting June 1st so we need people as soon as possible!I ask that you do not join unless you have free time and are ready to sign an NDA and be committed to the project.

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