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Silver Horizon:A new shoot'em up game

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First time posting here:)

Hello there!I'm the developer of "Silver Horizon",RNGSilvercraft.
This is the first time I develop a full-sized game,since I have only made minigames before.
The whole game,including programming,art,graphic,story,planning,even the soundtrack,is all made only by myself.
I have to admit that I'm not really good at drawing,and since I'm from Taiwan(I'm only 18 BTW),there might be some grammer mistakes or misspelling here and there in the game XD.
I got inspiration from the Gradius series and Touhou series. The game was made by using MMF2.5,and the soundtrack was made using FL studio.
This is only the demo version of the game,containing two stages only.Might have some bugs I didn't find when testing.
If you find any glitches,please let me know.
My email address:yi88613@gmail.com
The full game will be 6 stages long.

Please support my game!



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Hello !

Thanks for putting your game out there, it's really impressive that you made such a "complete" (that is, every aspect covered, programming, design, graphics and music !) product at such a young age !

If I can give a few words of advice, it appears to me that, now you've proven you're capable of getting an operational game out, the thing that would really get your production to the next level would be to find ways to make it unique and interesting in your own, personal take.

For instance, when Gradius came out, it was super interesting and fresh and new, because it was this cool game concept people weren't used to ! But that made it more difficult for other developers that, later, wanted to make sh'mups, because they had to develop their game keeping in mind : "Why would people play my game, and not Gradius instead ?"
And if we think about it, that's why Touhou worked : it's basically "more intense Gradius", but with a completely revamped visual universe and signature music to go along with it.

The best indie games can sometimes be traced to the same idea, but with freshness and creativity coming from every aspect : What makes Super Meat Boy different from Mario games ? Not only is the gameplay a lot more intense and challenging, the visual universe is also completely different and fun, it has really kick-ass music, and it has some unique game mechanics to it. (And then, of course, you can also have indie games that kinda do their own thing like Crypt of the Necrodancer, or Antichamber !)

My point is, while it's generally a bad idea to be original JUST to be original (then, your game becomes a gimmick...), I think it's always healthy and important to challenge your game's design and ask yourself : Why would someone pick this game instead of X popular, similar game ? 

I feel like that's the one thing you'd need to work on to move forward with your development - though I have no doubt great things will come from you in the following months and years :D

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L.C.Nohansen,Thank you!

Wow,I don't really expect someone will take my game seriously;Receiving a reply like this really surprised me.

I've taken your words into consideration.I understand that this game lacks the ability to compete with other sh'mups games.Indeed,my game currently don't have fancy graphics,or mesmerizing gimmicks.This game started as a simple idea--A sh'mup game with the ability to level up your ship between stages.

When I thought about other games in the same genre,they're basically the extension of the same ideas.

Gradius adds cool gimmicks to level up your ship on the go,with a lot of elements that changed the whole sh'mups genre.

Touhou series won people's heart with beautiful bullet pattern, overwhelming difficulty,unique characters and awesome musics.

Currently,I know that I still can't perfect a game.The only thing I can do is making the music or stage better since I already complete the engine of this game,and unfortunately I have no intention to modify it ...now.Maybe I'll do it later,but I will complete all the stages in the game first.

Still,thanks for your advise.Having someone to suggest me with the idea to make the game really encourages me.I mean,someone I haven't met before is helping me with my own creation.That is mindblowing to me.It's a very nice feedback,and thanks for your support. 

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You're welcome ! I'm really glad it could be any helpful :D

I think you were right to start simple, many devs also make the mistake of shooting for something way out of reach (for technical reasons or others), but it's great that you were able to finish a full-fledged product. Since you're able to do so, I thought I'd let you know what's the "next stage" in my opinion, haha.

Good luck on your endeavors !

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