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Isolated Paradise [Mmorpg] - [Underconstruction]

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Isolated Paradise (under development, just started)


Engine: Intersect



Me (alextoti99) and 2 friends of mine, currently not in the forum


Website: http://isolatedparadise.eu5.org

Credits: http://isolatedparad...opic=6.msg7#new

Just forum for now!



They say that once, this land was peaceful and prosperous. That peace was had, and that even the merest village was like a palace. Such prosperity could not last, however. They say a man with no name but Wicked unleashed a curse of ruination. The land rotted, millions died, and the gods themselves were struck down, falling from the heavens. Death had swept the world, leaving few untouched.

As humans are wont to do, the survivors fought over the scraps that were left. Friend fought friend, and brother fought brother, as the remnants of kingdoms that were firm allies turned against each other in their plight. The dead themselves roamed the lands, so great was the catastrophe that even those forsaken gates to the lands of the unwanted dead were flung open. This once prosperous land, already ruined once, threatened to destroy itself over again.

But not all had lost their senses. Not all sought to become a king over the ashes. An institute, famed for training some of the greatest heroes ever known, took a stand. In a world gone mad, these few heroes left opened their doors. They took in the hopeless, the desperate, the forgotten, and they turned them into heroes. Heroes with no loyalties but to humanity as a whole, no purpose but the protection of all, and no aspiration but to die fighting the terrors out there in the world. Are they enough? Tell me, can a candle hope to illuminate the night? But they continue to try, in the hopes that one day, they will be enough.


Game Overview:

Isolated paradise is a 2D (2 dimensions) MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online - Role Playing Game).
It's built with Intersect Game Engine (more info here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com)
The game provides a unique gameplay, while you can choose between many classes and evolve them after farm.
Also it includes PvP System and a Castle Siege System.

- Choose your path by creating your character from 2 differenct classes: Fighter, Mage.
- Farm so you can evolve your class to the stronger ones.
- Form parties to farm and PvP easier.
- Take part in Siege attacks and wars between Players and NPCs.
- Encounter many raid bosses in the realm.
- Raise your pets to be powerful combanions to help you.



Fighter lvl 1: Fighter
Fighter lvl 2 (Tanky): Legionnarie
Fighter lvl 2 (assassin): Scout
Fighter lvl 2 (ranger): Diamond Sentinel
Mage lvl 1: Mage
Mage lvl 2 (mage): Warlord
Mage lvl 2 (support): Druid
Mage lvl 2 (summoner): Psion



Starting Tutorial

Castle Sieges

Soon More!


Media: http://imgur.com/a/okRrj


Dev Blog:

17-May-17: Created the first houses, while ended with the first town.

21-May-17: Created a farm zone and some dungeons.

23-May-17: Created a dungeon and maps, before the first city.

24-May-17: Create dungeon System (http://isolatedparadise.eu5.org/index.php?topic=9.0)2

27-May-17: Restarted with map creation.

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