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New Typhoon released, looking for testers

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Hi all,
In the past months I have been working on a brand new version of Typhoon. Typhoon is an engine specialized in the simulation and rendering of oceans and underwater environments, targeting AAA games and maritime simulations. It is written in C/C++ 11/Lua/HLSL and currently runs on the Windows/DirectX 11 platform.
I have released a demo on www.typhoon3d.com and I am now looking for testers. The requirements are Windows 7 64-bit or later and a DirectX 11 compliant card.
Regarding water, the features are:
- Projective grid tessellation
- FFT ambient waves
- Procedural waves
- Kelvin waves
- Ship wakes
- Whitecaps
- Physically based shading
- Specular anti aliasing (baked LEAN)
- Reflections
- Refractions
- Cascaded caustics
- Underwater godrays
- Underwater shadows
- Underwater defocusing
- Seamless rendering at the water/air interface
- Buoyancy simulation
- Support for bathymetry maps
After a break, I will focus on these new features:
- Underwater reflections
- Support for round earth
- Wave particles
- Convolution waves for water/bodies interaction
- More wave and foam primitives (e.g. helicopter rotors, missile trails)
- Spray effects
- Anti aliased caustics
- Wide angle cameras
- Scuba diving pack
- And many more engine features...
Next year I will then focus on the seemingly impossible problem of simulating breaking waves and wave refraction in shallow water in real-time, which I'd say is my programming-related dream.
I will also seek potential partnerships and work on the integration with other engines/products in order to finance further developments.
Please let me know your feedback and bug reports here or by email (typhoon3d@gmail.com).
Stefano Lanza

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