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Financial Crowdfunding from Europe? Is IndieGoGo a bad thing to do?

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We are a little studio (consisting of just 2 people) and we are planning out our crowdfunding. The basic thing to do is Kickstarter, which has a lot of successful campaigns and a lot of native traffic which helps getting games and other projects funded (besides classic marketing and promotion, that is of course).

We are aiming at about 10 000 - 20 000$ goal, and as we are operating from Poland (central Europe), we are outside of Kickstarter range. Our main option now is IndieGoGo, which gives us a lot of thinking. We have heard a lot of bad things about it, mostly about the abyssmall Succcess Rate of IndieGoGo campaigns (I don't remember exact numbers, but it was about 9% maybe).


We wanted to ask if IndieGoGo is the right thing to do on our side? Is there anything else we can do do make better chances to succeed and to be comparably effective to Kickstarter? (considering that we are not just a 10-year old, making another survival zombie game with Asset Store defaults and templates)

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Success rate is mostly down to the quality of the project and how you promote it, not which site you're on. Certainly do not rely on your presence on Kickstarter to give you the promotion you need to succeed.

IndieGoGo has more failed campaigns for several reasons - one of which is that the flexible funding option makes it attractive to projects who are not confident of success on Kickstarter. Another is that Kickstarter seems to do more to force projects to consider risks and liabilities, which again scares off the bad projects.

Still, Kickstarter success rates can be low as well - regular video games success less than 20% of the time and for mobile games it's under 10%. I would recommend not worrying about your choice of platform; worry about how you'll drive people to it.

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