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Looking for Experienced Programmers/Artists for RPG MOBA

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Hello there!

I'd first like to start of with saying that I'm incredibly serious about this project and have not decided upon this on a whim. I've consulted with people both in business and in the game industry itself to get as much a bearing on the project as possible. I'm both a devout gamer since I was young as well as a budding entrepreneur. I've work on a few real world projects as an artist on anything from stop motion films to animated music videos. That being said I'm hoping to find a great team of passionate artists looking to have fun and make something amazing!

So, my name is Jacob and I'm currently starting break ground on an RPG Style MOBA (ambitious I know). Much of the ground work has been laid out but I'm finally at the point where the next step would be assembling a team of artists to actually get to work on content. The idea is a 3rd person MOBA with RPG elements with quality comparable to Paragon (even more ambitious I know! but if you're still reading thanks!)


The setting would take place in the very distant future and have visuals heavily influenced by Roman and Arabesque architecture and also have a strong 80s retro/cyberpunk feel.


Positions needed are:


Concept Artist

Pretty straight forward. I need an artist who is comfortable in working anything from characters to environments to marketing material. Whatever programs you comfortable working in works for me (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Zbrush etc) so long as you're interested in the project and are up to and task!


Programmer/Scripter (Technical Director)

A postion I'm desperate to fill mainly because I know absolutely nothing about systems, scripting and working in game engines (im a 2d concept artist by trade). Our programmer would need to know pretty much the ins and outs of working in either Unity or Unreal as well as coding and scripting for those engines and working with a multerplayer network. For all intent and purposes, I would be relying heavily on you, TD! I'm very, very, hopefully looking for this position so if you're interested in tackling this job I would love to hear from you and your experience!


3D Generalist

This early in the project (square one basically), you'd would be in charge of modeling out any prop, character, or environment elements we need. I'm looking for someone who is comfortable with creating game assets from start to finish. This includes taking a concept piece and making it workable in the game engine (rigging, mapping, animating an all that fun stuff).


This all being said, I fully intend on making this a paid position once we've reached a good enough milestone to launch a funding campaign. I dont intent to exploit anyone and I plan on doing more with this team than just one game if all goes well.


Hope to hear from you guys!

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