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Wanted: Writer for humorous wacky game

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I am looking for a humorous writer for a casual game.

The game premise is that you are tasked with driving a bulldozer, demolishing various things in a small town.

I would like the game to be PG, and as such, there will be no violence or gore against people or animals.

As such, I would like wacky and over the top humor as to why you are carrying out each mission.

The writing task will consist of writing short mission briefings that will convey a wacky an humorous atmosphere.

Some example of possible scenarios:

1. Destroy all cars parked illegally in handicap places

2. Destroy all unhealthy fast food restaurants.

3. Prepare houses for summer, by demolishing their chimneys.

4. etc... etc... etc...

You will be tasked with fleshing these scenarios out, and making the backstory as funny as possible.

The game already has a working prototype:

Video Here


If interested, please PM me on this site.

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You should include more delicate tasks - moving the park bench without disturbing the 'voters' kissing on it. 

Rescue kitten from tree (or dog - flood left him there). 

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